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About Us


Hi! My name is Pepper and Holly is my Mommy, well she has 4 others along with me, but she was mine first! I am a Jack X and she seems to keep up with me so I am sure she can keep up with most of your dogs. Even you Husky owners, she can handle it. Well, she is actually staying home with me more, seems to like that screen that makes the button sounds, I don’t get it! But I like having her around, or joining her group walks through the bush. Even though Mom is home more, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have good replacements for your kids, and I will let their furry friends tell you about them, because a dogs perspective is always honest, except when there is food around! Tee hee hee.....


Woof! My name Tank and I was lucky enough to be rescued by my new Mommy Nicole and her fiancé. Don’t let my good looks fool you, I get to come out and help Mom keep her walks moving and playing. But after I am done she seems to keep going, its a good thing she walks dogs cause I don’t know what else would keep her as busy. I have my favourite friends who I play with on a regular basis but I am always looking for new friends to smell and bounce with! Won’t you come bounce with me?


OH, excuse me, I didn’t realize I was next, how embarrassing! My name is Bella, Steph is my Mommy. Well she has 2 other dogs and a little boy, but I am the cutest so Auntie Holly picked me. My Mom has never been happier with her job, she finds walking very stress relieving and does’t mind dragging herself out of bed for it. I say, why get out of bed unless its for a good walk, then back to bed of course! Ahh, it’s a dogs life!