Pet Stop Girls

Why have a dog walker?

It is so nice knowing you can go away for a day or vacation and know that your pet is getting the exercise and proper care in your absence. This makes your trip much more relaxing and enjoyable. Many of our clients call thier dogs visits holidays or hollydays as well with all the fun they get to have while with the girls.

We are also very helpful when it comes down to a situation where maybe you are stuck somewhere or have to go away for an emergency. We have helped out with fake rolex watches pets while trying to sell a home, pregnancy's and weather. You can rest assured that we will get into your house and make sure your pet is looked after.

Your pet is our family too!

Other Services

Cat and Small animal visits
This visit is usually about a half hour, depending on the animal. Some pets do not require as much human attention, so we will do a visual check on your pet, fill water and food, clean litter if need be. If your pet shows interest in us, then we will certainly give it some attention.
$12.00 per visit
$2.00 per additional animal outside of Barrie

Appointment pick-up / drop-off
Food delivery
This service is offered for any sort of appointment your pet would have booked. Pet Stop Girls will pick them up and return them safely to your home with any items or receipts that go with them. This is mainly for the Barrie area, but we may be able to help you in special situations as well so please ask.
All of Barrie..... $25.00

These are the main services that we provide but if you have a situation that is not provided here for your pet please inquire, we may be able to help.