Pet Stop Girls

Weather... and what we do with it.

I mean really, what to do with Barrie weather. Our temperatures vary so much, but how do we help our furry friends get through the seasons safely? There are certain temperatures that we already know the dogs will need to be monitored carefiully so they stay safe. We go by the 30 degree mark, minus or plus, anything beyond that is dangerous for man and beast. If its winter or summer, we cut the walks short and spend the rest of the time snuggling inside with them were they are comfortable. The only other thing we pay attention is thunder and lighting, especailly with high winds. Alot of dogs are scared of thunder, and may run away, especially if off leash, lightening is more scary for us walkers and high winds can be dangerous and destructive.

Your pet is our family too!

Dog Services

Dog walking

Individual walks are a half hour in length at minimum, and we try to gear the walk towards you dogs favourite activities. Anything from off leash bush walks, fetch, socializing at the dog park or we can even rollerblade or bike with your dog. Of course, if sniffing is they're thing, we can let them do that too!
1 dog...... $15.00 2 visit same day..... $25.00
2 dogs..... $20.00 2 visits same day..... $30.00
Weekly rates ( 5 days in a row)
1 dog..... $65.00 2 dogs..... $90.00
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Why is this thing on me! Did someone say fetch!!!!

Group walks
Who doesn’t love a good bush run! And to share with friends old and new is what most dogs live for. We as walkers do too! We get to see some of the funniest things on our bush walks, where dogs can hop through the snow like a bunny, get lost in a deeper than usual pile of snow or run into something because they were too focused on a SQUIRREL! Our groups are no bigger then 4 dogs at a time to ensure safety amongst our dogs and our walkers. These walks are an hour in length off leash, in the closest bush we can find.
1 dog..... $12.00
2 dogs same household..... $18.00
These prices hold if we have a group walk available for the day and time you require.


We do also provide a drop in visit, this is around 15 - 20 minutes where we simply let the dog into the yard, and maybe play a quick game of fetch or just play around the yard. This service is mainly recommended for the older guys who just don’t need the energy outlet.
$12.00 per visit

Well, we already have a house full of dogs, but once you have one, you can have 10 right? Ok, don’t fall over laughing but we actually always have a pile of dogs around so one or six more doesn’t really matter, just makes feeding time longer. We do have 5 permanent residences at our humble abode but we always have a couple boarding as well. I feel almost alone rolex when there is only 5 dogs in the house! Our house is also home to a rabbit and a cat, so we ask that dogs are dog and cat friendly. Our house in nice and relaxed, and after a good run in the bush across the street everyone chills. 3 of our guys are 12 plus so they really set the mood for the new comers. All breeds and sizes welcome.
Under 20 pounds ..... $20.00 a day
Over 20 pounds..... $30.00a day