Pet Stop Girls

What else?

Pet Stop Girls puts a great deal of effort into maintaining a sustaniable business by using recycled paper, decomposable poop bags and you may see the owner on a scooter to reduce emissions.

We LOVE to do off leash walks and bring friends to play with. Mingling dogs allows for more play time and exercise( not to mention socialization) then we as a walker could ever provide. With the dogs free to roam in a safe environment they can decide what to chase and how much fun to have!

Your pet is our family too!

Welcome to our home page! Pet Stop Girls has been in Barrie for 9 years now, and we would like to say a big thank you to all of those who spread the word about this service, and how it is for their dogs. For those who have never used a dog walker, welcome to piece of mind for your dog. Many of our clients use multiple services because they end up realizing that their dog loves us as much as them. Boarding, walking, help with Veterinary appointments, food pick up or delivery, or appointment drop off/ pick-ups. Our clients can trust and depend on us to help out with their pets daily lives when they are absent. Many dogs enjoy their daily runs with their Aunties, while others see us occasionally for a treat while their watches owners are away for the day. We love our job, and we love your dog, everything from the smallest poodle to largest Mastiff!